Founded in 1995 by Linda Morales, an experienced pharmaceutical industry Director of Training, HealthCare Innovations (HCI) has remained close to its roots by focusing on driving sales success through physician engagement. HCI is a full-service learning organization, designing and delivering “Clinical Intelligence Training” for life sciences customers around the world.  

What is “Clinical Intelligence Training?” It is taking a guided tour of your customer’s mindset. It’s going right to the source to understand the disease, the clinical landscape, and the viewpoints of your key customers - HCPs and patients. This real-world perspective empowers your field force to have higher-quality clinical conversations that resonate and provide value.

Using real-world learning such as live faculty-driven intelligence, virtual or video-based programs, learning pulses, and other blended strategies, HCI translates knowledge into performance. We then extend your investment by designing learning transfer that reinforces and sustains to expand the knowledge and performance well beyond the "training event".  After all - the real learning begins when the event ends!